Up to 30% more productivity. Save time and stay relaxed when preparing and carrying out experiments in biology, chemistry, physics and technology.


Practicum is an easy-to-use web application that provides you with an overview of your laboratory equipment, experiments and practicals for physics, chemistry, technology or biology lessons at universities and schools. This allows the software to support you (or your students/pupils) in preparing practicals and setting up and carrying out experiments. You will find all the necessary information in one place, saving you time.

Image: „Practicum“ on an iPad showing the list of inventory items

  • Great time savings and higher productivity, as all information can be found in one place
  • No installation by the user necessary (program runs in the browser)
  • Can be used and accessed from home
  • Number of users/user accounts is not limited
  • Quick search
  • Assign keywords
  • Filter devices and experiments using keywords
  • Assign a location to devices or experiments
  • Filter devices and experiments based on their location: See at a glance which devices/experiments are located in a specific building/room/cabinet/shelf.
  • Assign any number of weblinks to devices or experiments
  • Generate QR codes to quickly find/identify a device or experiment
  • Generate QR codes for locations: Have all devices/experiments located in a room or cabinet displayed on a tablet or smartphone, for example.
  • Improving safety when experimenting and using equipment (e.g. by adding risk assessments)

Image: Overview of the experiments in a practical.

Image: Detailed view of an experiment.

System requirements (for self-hosting)
  • Server operating system: Windows, Linux or macOS
  • Java SE 17 or higher
  • Apache Tomcat Server 9.x
  • Database: PostgreSQL, MySQL or MariaDB (current version)
  • Purchase price: $ 400 ¹
  • Updates and support for a further year: $ 150
  • 1 year of hosting at №516: $ 250 ²
  • 1 year of hosting at №516 + 1 year of updates and support: $ 350

¹ Includes 1 year of updates and support.
² Of course, you can also host the software yourself, in which case these costs do not apply.

Note: The prices are per installation (i.e. per institute / field of study). If you would like to purchase several licenses for your institution (school/university), please contact us to obtain a lower price per license.

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