Tutorial: Color mixer

A short tutorial that shows how to program a simple color mixer with Xojo.

Tutorial: Game of life

A short Xojo tutorial that shows how to program Conway's "Game of Life".

Tutorial: Simple length converter

Again time for a little tutorial in between. We create a small program to convert metric units of length into each other. So: Go to the keys and let the fun begin!

Tutorial: Bubblesort animation

A few years ago I programmed a simple animation of the bubblesort sorting algorithm with Xojo. For fun, I simplified the code from back then significantly and reprogrammed the whole thing (see video).

Tutorial: Randomly pick items from list

A few days ago we needed a software that should randomly draw three winners from a list of people. The list should be able to be inserted by Copy&Paste e.g. from a CSV file. So I quickly got to the keyboard and programmed something small. For fun I made a little video out of it.